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The Cuvée 1ère Récolte is an extra virgin olive oil with character. It has a singular taste profile, an oil with green fruitiness and ripe notes. It has a variety of aromas ranging from freshly cut grass to apple, green almond, hazelnut and walnut. This diversity of aromatic notes, both fruity and herbaceous, blends harmoniously and gives a unique character to our extra virgin olive oil.

This "eco-friendly" 1st Harvest pack,consisting of a 3L Bag in Box and our iconic 50 cl bottle, will allow you to limit your waste by filling the bottle once empty with your favourite olive oil. It's easy, cheaper and good for the planet!

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Eco-Friendly pack - 1ère RécolteBag in box et bouteille 50cl huile d'olive extra vierge 1ère Récolte Parcelle 26







  • Variété d'olive

    1ère Récolte is an excellent tasting oil. Fresh and fruity, present and fiery, this oil of character is ideal for sublimating all cold dishes: carpaccios, salads, ceviches as well as for sauces (vinaigrettes, virgin sauces...)

  • Maturité du fruit

    The olives from our 1st Harvest oil are, as its name indicates, the very first to be picked each season. They are still very green olives, harvested at a stage called "primeur". It is this early stage of maturity that gives this oil its very green fruitiness and ardour.

  • Accords culinaires

    1st Harvest is a single variety oil from Arbequina, a variety native to Catalonia.
    Arbequina oils have a fruity, aromatic and delicate taste profile with little bitterness. They have a very wide sensory range, from notes of almond, apple and banana to notes of freshly cut grass or dried fruit, depending on their degree of maturity.

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Parcelle 26, vivez d'authentiques moments de partage.

Vous aimez faire déguster un bon vin ? Faîtes découvrir la puissance des arômes d’une bonne huile d’olive! Offrir une grande huile d’olive comme on offre un bon vin : voilà une idée cadeau gourmande et originale.
Pour un dîner chez des amis, un jour de fête, un anniversaire ou pour le plaisir d’offrir tout simplement, Parcelle 26 est l’idée-surprise facile et originale qui s’offre sans distinction de genre à tous les gourmets, en toute occasion et qui changera du bouquet de fleurs ou de la boite de chocolats !

Cherry tomato tart

A simple cherry tomato tart soaked in our olive oil, you can't refuse, can you?
Simply make a shortcrust pastry with olive oil using our Parcelle26 1st Harvest olive oil, cover it with mustard, then place cherry tomatoes cut in half and fresh thyme on top. Add a drizzle of Parcelle26 1st Harvest olive oil before cooking. Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.
Cover generously with Parcelle 26 1st Harvest olive oil as you leave the oven, and you are sure to delight all your guests!