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The Cuvée 2nd Harvest is a soft and delicate extra virgin olive oil. It is a ripe fruity oilwith green notes and a rich palette of flavours. It has a variety of fruitaromas thanks to the presence of ripe apple and banana notes as well as hazelnutand walnut notes. All of these aromas blend together elegantly and give a lotof sweetness and balance to our extra virgin olive oil.

This "eco-friendly" 1st Harvest pack,consisting of a 3L Bag in Box and our iconic 50 cl bottle, will allow you tolimit your waste by filling the bottle once empty with your favourite oliveoil. It's easy, cheaper and good for the planet!

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Eco-Friendly pack - 2ème récolteEco-Friendly pack - 2ème récolte







  • Variété d'olive

    2nd Harvest is a sweet and fruity extra virgin olive oil that goes perfectly with meat and fish dishes. It is also an excellent ally for cold desserts such as ice cream with olive oil or fruit salads.

  • Maturité du fruit

    The olives from our 2nd Harvest oil are harvested later, about 4 weeks on average after the 1st Harvest, from the moment of "veraison". The olives become purplish, also called "purpurin", and then turn black. It is this slightly more advanced level of ripeness that gives this oil its fruity sweetness and balance.

  • Accords culinaires

    2nd Harvest is a single variety oil from Arbequina, a variety native to Catalonia. Arbequina oils have a fruity, aromatic and delicate taste profile with little bitterness. They have a very wide sensory range, from notes of almond, apple and banana to notes of freshly cut grass or dried fruit, depending on their degree of ripeness.

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Parcelle 26, vivez d'authentiques moments de partage.

Vous aimez faire déguster un bon vin ? Faîtes découvrir la puissance des arômes d’une bonne huile d’olive! Offrir une grande huile d’olive comme on offre un bon vin : voilà une idée cadeau gourmande et originale.
Pour un dîner chez des amis, un jour de fête, un anniversaire ou pour le plaisir d’offrir tout simplement, Parcelle 26 est l’idée-surprise facile et originale qui s’offre sans distinction de genre à tous les gourmets, en toute occasion et qui changera du bouquet de fleurs ou de la boite de chocolats !

Sicilian Caponata

Sauté in our Parcelle26 2nd Harvest olive oil one diced onion with two aubergines, 1 stalk of celery, 1 tomato, and 1 red pepper and stew with 1 tbsp sugar and 1/2 tsp salt. Leave to stew for a good half hour over a medium heat until the vegetables are tender and candied.
Season with a tablespoon of basalmic vinegar, 3 tablespoons of our 2nd Harvest Parcelle 26 olive oil and a handful of capers and olives.
For extra freshness, add a few chopped mint leaves just before serving!