Collection: 2ème récolte

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Welcome to our online olive oil shop!

Our mission is to bring together talents to meet the challenge of excellence and to offer you exceptional olive oils. At Parcelle26, we produce unique and singular oils. In order to offer you an experience of the highest gustatory quality, we cultivate, pick, press and bottle oils resulting from the most beautiful and faithful expression of what nature gives us each year.

The production of Parcelle 26 extra virgin olive oils combines the best that modern technology can offer with traditional, environmentally friendly processes.

We are committed to offering you a controlled, healthy and ethical oil. We also want to enrich our consumers' knowledge of a product they know little about, and the sensations it brings to the taste and smell. Our aim is not to produce "just" a top-of-the-range olive oil, but to aim to produce the best olive oil in the world...

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